Since its inception, Rolwind has been working with a medium-term planning to close the circle of the main activities in the energy sector. To achieve this, we diversify our activities in an interrelated but independent way, both legally and operationally. We do not focus only on a specific technology, but work on an energy mix that is essential for system stability and to meet the objectives of the energy transition. For example, in addition to solar and wind power plants, we also work on green hydrogen and storage plants, whether as mono- or multi-technology plants, developing repowering, hybridisation or greenfield.
Furthermore, thanks to our recent strategic developments and agreements, Rolwind is in a position to identify, develop, build and operate optimal projects with the ultimate goal of commercialising self-produced renewable energy. In short, we are a company committed to a more sustainable energy future and working in different areas to achieve it.


Specialised in promotion and development, Rolwind is one of the few companies in Spain that in its projects integrates, with its own resources, all the basic services of the process, from “Green Field” to “Ready to Build” (RtB): real estate, management, processing, legalisation and engineering. It selects sites with maximum guarantees in areas with optimal orography, urban and environmental conditions, and grid connection.
Rolwind currently has a portfolio of 2 GW of projects at different stages of development, in continuous expansion with the objective of 5 GW by 2027.


Green hydrogen as the renewable energy of the future is an unquestionable fact. And Europe, with Spain at the forefront, is investing in its development with powerful technical and economic resources never seen before. An energy revolution in which pioneering Spanish companies such as Rolwind are already actively participating.

In this context, Rolwind has taken a further step in its commitment to promote green hydrogen with the creation of a division dedicated exclusively to the implementation, production and distribution of GH2 in Spain, covering the entire value chain of this energy vector.

Rolwind has created this division with a clear vision: to be a benchmark in Europe in the design, manufacture and operation of green hydrogen infrastructures and their use as a sustainable energy vector. Its main objectives are to promote, build, operate and maintain GH2 production systems, its own or for third parties, as well as systems for its storage and treatment for export. Rolwind‘s new hydrogen division is starting up with a portfolio of national projects with a total generation capacity of more than 1 GW, with the aim of increasing it to 4 GW in the coming years.


Rolwind has extensive experience in the promotion and management of wind farms at national and international level. In addition, the company is currently developing hybridisation projects of renewable technologies, wind plus photovoltaic, at different sites.


Electricity storage using batteries is a key technology in the world’s transition to a sustainable energy system, storing surplus energy and releasing it later, thus covering demand at times when the solar or wind resource is insufficient.
As in other countries around us, the complexity of the Spanish electricity system, as well as the robustness and guarantees that a complex grid (interconnected with the exterior) must maintain, entails the need for manageable equipment and systems, even more so with the objectives set by the Spanish plan PNIEC for the large incorporation of renewable generation in the near future.
Battery systems can support a wide range of services needed for the transition, from providing frequency response, backup capacity, emergency start capability and other grid services.

Rolwind has created a new division dedicated to large-scale storage, with a portfolio of 800 MW and the goal of reaching 2 GW by 2023, thus betting on what it considers an indispensable condition for the development of renewable energy in Spain.