Rolwind is at the forefront of renewables with 5GW managed across nearly 300 projects


Rolwind is a pioneering company, with a commitment to renewable energies since its first wind farm installations in Panama and Spain in 2006. During the past 15 years, Rolwind has taken part in more than 210 wind farms, and 60 photovoltaic plants. Rolwind has managed and developed a total of 5 GW of power, both nationally and internationally. Rolwind brings valuable know-how to the European green revolution through its experience, agreements with major multinational companies, and projects in the various fields of renewable energies.

For Rolwind, the key to unlocking decarbonisation targets lies in incorporating multiple sources of renewables: wind, photovoltaic, green hydrogen, storage and charging points for electric vehicles. It is one of the few companies in Spain involved throughout the implementation process: real estate, management, processing, legalisation, and engineering. Rolwind is at the forefront of the energy for the future, green hydrogen, with existing projects of up to 150 MW and is especially committed to promoting this energy as a clean fuel for all vehicles.

Its experience and know-how has enabled Rolwind to sign important agreements with large companies in the sector; such as Alset Global, through which the development of different green hydrogen projects will be carried out, both off-grid and in the main national industrial clusters; or with Matrix Renewables, in order to develop 1.5 GW of power with a joint promotion agreement, which includes storage and hybridisation with wind power.

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