Green hydrogen as the renewable energy of the future is an unquestionable fact. Europe, with Spain at the forefront, is investing in its development with powerful technical and economic resources never seen before. An energy revolution in which pioneering Spanish companies such as Rolwind are already actively participating.

In this context, Rolwind has taken a further step in its commitment to promote green hydrogen with the creation of HYREN. A platform dedicated exclusively to the implementation, production and distribution of GH2 in Spain, covering the entire value chain of this energy vector.

HYREN was created with a clear vision: to be a benchmark in Europe in the design, manufacture and operation of green hydrogen infrastructures and their use as a sustainable energy vector. Its main objectives are to promote, build, operate and maintain GH2 production systems, its own or for third parties, as well as systems for its storage and treatment for export. Rolwind’s new platform is starting up with a portfolio of national projects with a total generation capacity of more than 1 GW, with the aim of increasing it to 4 GW in the coming years.